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  1. Mostly cotton socks that can accommodate the most swollen or largest ankles, feet and calfs! Top of sock can stretch to 20 inches. This sock is for people who need more width than our Extra Wide Medical Socks which can accommodate most of our customer's needs.Color: White Learn More
  2. $6.50
    Mostly cotton. White or black. Learn More
  3. When your "tootsies" get cold this is the sock you want to put on. 85% merino lambswool, 13 stretch nylon for strength, 2% spandex for easy on and off. Remember, unlike cotton, wool will insulate even when wet. Great for work or outdoor activities impact area reinforced with double nylon for durability flat toe seam plush lambswool bottom for extra cushioning. Washable.Colors: Grey, Tan Learn More
  4. Higher bulk cotton casuals — perfect for jeans or Dockers. Available in black, white, navy, and tan. Learn More
  5. Mostly cotton with smooth toes for extra comfort. Ribbing opens for a more comfortable less tight fit yet sock will easily stay up on leg. Cotton fabric is great for all season but especially excellent in warmer weather.Colors: Navy, Black, Tan, Brown Learn More
  6. Mostly cotton with maximum stretch but will conform to whatever foot size you need. Big foot or narrow foot it will conform to your size. Light weight. Will not dig in at calf.Colors: Black, Brown, Tan, Grey, Navy Learn More
  7. This dress sock is our widest Dress sock with a stretch of about 23 inches. These socks are 40% wider than the typical dress sock on the market. This is a lighter weight sock.Comfortable Stays up Non-binding Extra-wide foot and leg Our widest dress sock Material content: 76% cotton 22% nylon 2% spandexColors: White, Black, Navy, Tan Learn More
  8. THE WORLD'S WIDEST SOCK - UP TO 14E WIDTH!Designed for People with Extreme Lymphedema or any Condition where Feet, Ankles or Calves are Extremely Wide or Swollen Superior Stretch, up to 30 Inches at the Calf, up to 21 inches in the Foot, up to 14 E Width. Extra-Extra Wide Foot, Ankle and Leg. Stays Up DesignToe Seam is Designed to be Worn on the Outside for People with Diabetes One Size Fits All for Adult Men and Women. Available in White and Black Made in the USA! Material Content: 91% Cotton 7% Nylon 2% SpandexColors: Black, White1 Per Pack Learn More
  9. This is our best selling medical style sock. Top of sock stretches without binding. Excellent for swollen feet, medical problems or just big feet. Stays up well with out "digging in". We think you will love this sock and highly recommend it.Colors: Khaki, White, Navy, Black Learn More
  10. Premium Professional Weight. Cotton / Polyester construction throughout for super softness, longer wearing. Easy Care, Non AllergenicColors: White Learn More
  11. Stretches to 25 inches across foot, ankle and the leg Wide in the foot, ankle and leg Goes on easy, stays up Microban antimicrobial technology helps prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria Ideal for people with Edema or any condition where feet, ankles and calves are wide or swollen Toe Seam is designed to be worn on the outside for people with diabetes. fits over most casts and med boots. 93% Cotton 7% Nylon Made in the USAColors: Khaki, Navy, Black, White Learn More
  12. For the active man a sock that wicks moisture from your feet, while keeping them cool and dry at the same time. Excellent full cut crew length. Synthetic fibers for all weather wear. Available in Black, Navy and White. Learn More
  13. 100% cotton. Great for anyone who cannot afford to have a sock "dig-in." Available in white, navy, black and brown. Anklet height. Learn More
  14. Cotton blended with nylon is perfect for all occasions. Available in white, black, navy, charcoal and brown. Learn More
  15. Hi-spun orlon with triple sole for comfort. White or black.. Learn More
  16. Finally a sock that has a relaxed fit and will keep cold feet warm. Wear around the house, in your casual shoes and boots, keep your feet warm in slippers or use as a boot sock. These are easy care acrylic and wool socks made especially with a relaxed fit so as not to dig into to your legs.Colors: Grey/Blue, Grey/Black, Loden/GreenLearn More
  17. Are your feet tired by day's end? Try these dress socks for unbelievable comfort. Reinforced and padded at both ends of sock makes it appear you are walking on air. Excellent quality dress sock. Learn More
  18. 100% cotton, no-bind extra-wide sock. Best sock for medical problems or extra width needs. Available in black, navy and white. Learn More
  19. Extra wide opening and wider body make ths sock easy to get on and off the most swollen or wide foot. Mostly cotton for breathability and wide stretch without binding to cut off circulation. Great for men or women. Learn More
  20. $8.50
    Ankle-less tube socks predominantly cotton are approximately 27 inches long. Excellent quality. Learn More
  21. Much sought after sheer nylon filament sock now available in many colors. Executive length. Available in black, navy, grey, brown and tan. Learn More
  22. Lightweight, textured nylon with wide rib. Great all season dress sock. Available in black, navy, brown, white, charcoal and olive. Learn More
  23. Mid-weight 75% duraspun/25% nylon. Ribbed to toe. Available in black, navy, brown and dark oxford. Anklet height. Learn More
  24. Mostly wool with nylon added for strength. Great sock! Available in navy, black, dark grey and brown. Anklet height. Learn More
  25. Cotton sock is great for casual and athletic wear. White only. Anklet height. Learn More
  26. Mostly cotton blend of this most classic sock. Available in mostly blue, mostly brown or mostly gray. *Patterns and colors may vary slightly. Learn More
  27. Available in black, charcoal, navy and brown. Learn More
  28. Full plush cushioning. Flat toe seam for comfort. Stretch fibers from toe to toe to reduce rubbing. Fully machine washable. 52% soft merino lambswool, 35% polypropylene, 12% nylon, 1% spandex. Great for all types of weather and activities — hiking, fishing, walking, camping or around town. Totally breathable and helps to keep your feet warm and dry. A great sock.Color: Black (navy and tan on special request) Learn More

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